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Plant Pathology: News & Events


Spring Semester 2010

      12:20 to 1:10 p.m., Room 2401 Miller Plant Sciences Building, Athens, GA

Jan 25 "Epidemiology of Iris yellow spot virus and recollections of a 30-year tour of duty."
Dr. Ron Gitaitis, Professor, UGA Plant Pathology, Tifton, Post-Tenure Review Seminar
Feb 1

Seminar has been rescheduled to February 15

Feb 8 "Novel methods for controlling Erwinia amylovora."
Perrin Collins, M.S. Candidate. Phil Brannen & Mike Deom, Co-Major Professors
Feb 15 "Virulence Mechanisms Associated with the Fusarium verticillioides-Maize Interaction: Influence of the Fumonisin Mycotoxin and Reactive Nitrogen Species."
Tom Baldwin, M.S. Candidate. Tony Glenn, Major Professor
Feb 22

"Preparing for Emergencies in the Classroom."
Mr. John Newton, UGA Office of Security &  Emergency Preparedness
The UGA Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness provides a comprehensive security and emergency management program for the University of Georgia in order to save lives, protect property, promote continuity of operations, and reduce the overall effects of large-scale disasters.  Mr. Newton will go over a wide variety of emergency situations and give basic advice on how to respond.  The class will review what a person who is teaching a class of students should do if there is a tornado, fire, medical emergency, etc. during the class.

Mar 1

"Developing integrated approaches for managing Phytophthora blight on vegetables."
Dr. Pingsheng Ji, Assistant Professor, UGA Plant Pathology, Tifton

Mar 8 Spring Break / Furlough Day
Mar 15 "Understanding the mechanisms controlling host plant resistance in crop plants."
Dr. Shavannor Smith
, Assistant Professor, UGA Plant Pathology, Athens
Mar 22

"Detection and mechanisms of resistance to sterol demethylation inhibitor fungicide in Cercospora arachidicola."
Jia Qui, M.S. Exit Seminar. Albert Culbreath & Katy Stevenson, Co-Major Professors

Mar 29

"Biocontrol of Verticillium dahliae."
Imana Power, Ph.D. Candidate, Albert Culbreath & Bob Kemerait, Co-Major Professors

Apr 5

"Role of Geminivirus C4 oncogene."
Katherine Mills, Ph.D. Exit Seminar. Mike Deom, Major Professor

Apr 12

"Evaluating Ralstonia solanacearum GspC protein in type II secretion substrate specificity."
Hsien-Tzer Tseng, M.S. Exit Seminar. Tim Denny, Major Professor

Apr 19


"Elucidation of host-pathogen interactions between Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli and watermelon during seed germination and seedling development."
Kameka Johnson, Ph.D. Exit Seminar. Ron Walcott, Major Professor

Apr 26

"Nanotechnology and its application to plant pathology."
Anna Watson, M.S. Candidate. Ron Gitaitis, Major Professor

May 4

10:30 a.m.


NEW LOCATION: Masters Hall, Georgia Center
"Inter-kingdom interactions, Clavicipitalean fungi of grasses: The drive towards mutualisms as evidenced by expression of secondary metabolites and suppression of pathogenic responses."
Dr. Charles Bacon, Research Leader & Location Coordinator, USDA Toxicology & Mycotoxin Research Unit, Athens, GA

There will be a reception from 10:00-10:30 a.m. in the Pecan Tree Galleria at the Georgia Center


2010   Spring: John Sherwood
       Fall: Jim Noe
2011   Spring: Shavannor Smith
       Fall: Jean Williams-Woodward
2012   Spring: Elizabeth Little
       Fall: Mike Deom
2013   Spring: Ron Walcott
       Fall: Scott Gold
2014   Spring: Harald Scherm
       Fall: Phil Brannen


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