Academic Background

B.S. (Agr.), University of Guelph, 1972
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, 1977

Research Interests and Current Efforts

Management of Phytophthora diseases on crops in the Southeast. Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae, the incitant of tobacco black shank and Phytophthora capsici, a disease of vegetables are the most current interests. Research is ongoing evaluating management which includes the use of cultural practices, resistance and fungicides. Current research is on plant health product drip injection into polyethylene mulched vegetable crops for disease management. Alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation are also being investigated.
Appointment: Retire/Rehire as of March 1, 2008

Recent Publications

Nischwitz, C., R. D. Gitaitis, S. W. Mullis, A. S. Csinos, D. B. Langston, Jr., A. N. Sparks. 2007. First Report of Iris Yellow Spot Virus in Spiny Sowthistle (Sonchus asper) in the United States. Plant Disease 91:11, 1518.

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Candole, B. L., A. S. Csinos, and D. Wang. 2007. Distribution and efficacy of drip-applied metam-sodium against the survival of Rhizoctonia solani and yellow nutsedge in plastic-mulched sandy soil beds. Pest Manag Sci. 63:368-475.

Mandal, B., M. L. Wells, N. Martinez-Ochoa, A.. S. Csinos, and H. R. Pappu. 2007. Symptom Development and Distribution of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Flue-Cured Tobacco. Ann. Appl. Biol. 151:67-75.

Mandal, B., H. R. Pappu, A. S. Csinos, and A. K. Culbreath. 2006. Response of Peanut, Pepper, Tobacco, and Tomato Cultivars to Two Biologically Distinct Isolates of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Plant Dis. 90:1150-1155.

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