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Plant Pathology: Extension & Outreach

Plant Disease Clinics

The Plant Disease Clinics provide diagnostic support for county and area Extension personnel and the residents of Georgia. Our services include analysis of plant material and soil for bacterial, fungal, viral, and nematode pathogens as well as suggesting appropriate control measures when available. Our clients include Extension Educators, Growers, Retailers, Arborists, Golf Courses, Researchers, and Homeowners.

The Plant Disease Clinics work very closely with the UGA Cooperative Extension county offices. If there is an office near you, you may want to contact them for assistance with your plant disease problem.

Please follow the instructions for submitting samples carefully. The diagnosis of a sample that was improperly collected, packed, and/or shipped and arrives in poor shape is very difficult.

The clinic is a facility of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Georgia. This alliance allows the clinic to maintain a strong connection with the leading researchers in the field of Plant Pathology.

The clinic provides accurate plant disease diagnosis, quick turn around time, professional services, and up-to-date control recommendations.

Plant Disease Clinics at UGA


Sample Type Contact Name & Number Contact Address

Christmas trees, commercial fruit and ornamentals, foresty, homeowner samples, legume forages, turf and small grains, urban ornamental landscapes,
wood rots


Ansuya Jogi

Phone (706) 542-9157

or (706) 542-8987
Fax (706) 542-1262

UGA - Plant Pathology

Athens Plant Disease Clinic
2105 Miller Plant Sciences Bldg.

120 Carlton Street
Athens, GA 30602-7274

Tobacco, pecan, cotton, soybean, peanut, corn, kenaf, commercial vegetables

Jason Brock
Phone: (229) 386-7495
Fax (229) 386-7415

Tifton Plant Disease Clinic
Room 116
4604 Research Way
Tifton, GA 31793

All samples for nematode analysis

Ganpati Jagdale
Phone: (706) 542-9144
Fax (706) 542-5957

UGA - Plant Pathology
Nematode Laboratory
2350 College Station Road
Athens, GA 30602-4356
University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)