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Plant Pathology

Research Programs

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Plant pathology is a broadly based science that utilizes elements of a number of other disciplines to solve problems in plant health. The main purposes of the research programs are to utilize fundamental inquiry to determine the cause of plant diseases, to understand the nature of plant diseases, and to develop cost effective and environmentally compatible management tactics. Management tactics are then delivered in a timely fashion through the County delivery system or utilized elsewhere in the nation and internationally as appropriate. Much like other notable plant pathology departments around the country, the Department has a broad programmatic base that facilitates attracting highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students and permits good opportunities for students to complete their degree programs with a solid foundation in the breadth of disciplines that comprise the essentials of a current plant pathologist.

The focus and strength of the Department is the applied areas of plant health management covering the diverse crops produced in Georgia and the Southeast. The programs are funded by a comprehensive portfolio ranging from competitive federal funds to support by the agricultural chemical industry. The impact of diseases in Georgia is significant. Our programs emphasize both research that can readily be translated into disease management programs as well as fundamental investigations to understand the continued communication between a plant and pathogen that may or may not lead to a disease. The breadth and depth of our programs can best be appreciated by visiting the summary for individual faculty programs.

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