Student Safira

Integrative Plant Pathology

As one of the largest departments of plant pathology in the U.S., we are recognized internationally for our comprehensive and integrative research and outreach portfolio, spanning basic, translational and applied programs. Our scientists ensure the economic viability of agriculture, the largest sector of Georgia’s economy, and contribute to national and global food security by reducing crop losses. Equally important, our research increases the understanding of basic biology through new discoveries in pathogen biology, resistance genetics and host-pathogen interactions.

Plant Pathology: taking you further than you ever imagined

Plant pathology is a highly interdisciplinary science at the interface of microbiology, plant biology, molecular genetics and environmental sciences. With 27 faculty members and close to 50 graduate students, we offer one of the largest and most holistic plant pathology graduate programs in the nation, with a wide range of opportunities that range from applied, field-based research to fundamental, lab-based approaches. Career opportunities for our graduates are diverse and plentiful. Learn more about graduate studies in plant pathology at UGA.