Plant Pathology Extension Faculty

Commercial Fruit - Middle and North Georgia

Phillip M. Brannen
Phillip M. Brannen Extension Fruit Disease Specialist
Plant Pathology

Commercial Fruit - South Georgia

Jonathan E. Oliver
Jonathan E. Oliver Assistant Professor - Fruit Pathologist
Plant Pathology

Peanuts, Cotton, Soybean and Corn

Commercial Vegetables

Bhabesh Dutta
Bhabesh Dutta Associate Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist
Plant Pathology

Commercial Ornamentals

Jean Williams-Woodward
Jean Williams-Woodward Extension Plant Pathologist - Ornamentals, Legume Forages, Hydroponics
Plant Pathology

Commercial Turfgrass

Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist-Turfgrass, Small Grains, Non-Legume Forages
Plant Pathology

Home Landscape and Garden

Plant Disease Diagnostician

Plant Disease Diagnostician

Ansuya Jogi
Ansuya Jogi Laboratory Manager I
Plant Pathology

Nematology Diagnostic Lab

Ganpati Jagdale
Ganpati Jagdale Associate Research Scientist (Nematology)
Plant Pathology

Vegetable and Cotton Nematology

Intiaz Amin Chowdhury
Intiaz Amin Chowdhury Assistant Professor of Cotton and Vegetable Crop Nematology
Plant Pathology

Mycotoxicology and Postharvest Pathology

Jake Fountain
Jake Fountain Assistant Professor Mycotoxicology & Postharvest Pathology
Plant Pathology