Bhabesh Dutta Associate Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist Plant Pathology
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Portrait of Bhabesh Dutta

Academic Background

Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of Georgia. - 2011

Extension Interests and Current Efforts

My extension program focuses on the management of the multitude of plant diseases that affect over 20 different vegetable crops produced in Georgia. My research efforts focus on Fusarium wilt of watermelon, (Fusarium oxysporumf. sp.niveum), gummy stem blight of watermelon (S. citrulli), bacterial spot of pepper (Xanthomonas euvesicatoria), black rot of cabbage (Xcampestris pv. campestris), and a complex of bacterial diseases of onion.  Research efforts include monitoring strains for fungicide resistance and gaining a better understanding on the ecology of bacterial pathogens. This information will be used to develop novel management practices ranging from the use of nanotechnology-formulated pesticides to how best fertilize plants with micronutrients that up-regulate superoxide dismutases and other enzymes associated with the systemic acquired resistance pathway in plants.

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