Thank you for your interest in our graduate program in plant pathology at the University of Georgia. If you would like additional information about specific research programs, individual faculty members will be glad for you to contact them.

The department has a strong tradition in scholarship and an international reputation for cutting-edge research, and our students fully take advantage of the research opportunities provided in the department and at the university at large.


Most of the acceptances for our graduate program are made for fall semester (August), but we can also accept new students for spring (January) or summer (May or June) semesters. All applications are handled centrally through the UGA Graduate School application portal.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to consult with the departmental Graduate Coordinator before submitting their application. Our internal deadlines are January 1 for fall or summer semester application and September 15 for spring semester application.

The Graduate School application requires your CV or resume, a Statement of Purpose, transcripts, GRE scores, and – for international applicants where English was not the language of instruction – TOEFL or IELTS scores. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the initial application, but official transcripts and diplomas are needed before a student can enroll.

Your application will be evaluated by the department's Graduate Studies Committee and a recommendation for acceptance or rejection will be made to the Graduate School. Assistantship funding decisions also are made by this committee. The criteria for evaluation are as follows (not necessarily in order of importance):

  • Grade point average for undergraduate and/or graduate program where appropriate;
  • Relevant research experience, background in biological or agricultural sciences;
  • The GRE is not required for admission into the MS and PhD programs in Plant Pathology. However, GRE scores are required to be eligible for certain additional funding opportunities outside of the department.
  • Potential to complete graduate study based on evaluations provided by your references;
  • Stated personal objectives, match with the department’s research portfolio and a major professor;
  • In the case of international applicants, TOEFL or IELTS scores are also important.


Whenever possible, we recommend that you try to visit our campus for a personal interview. A visit provides you with the opportunity to meet faculty members and current graduate students, discuss graduate programs, see the teaching and research facilities, and tour the campus and city. Often, these activities provide a more realistic basis for your acceptance and selection of a specific area of specialty and potential major professor. We recognize, however, that it may not be possible for you to visit on campus. In this case, the Graduate Coordinator and one or more faculty members will conduct a video interview after all your application materials have been received. If you have any questions regarding the interview process, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator.



Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

Harald Scherm
Harald Scherm Professor & Department Head
Plant Pathology