Certificate in Plant Health Management

The Interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Integrated Plant Health Management provides a broad-based educational experience in the three major areas of integrated pest management, including Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science.  Further, the Certificate in Plant Health Management documents and recognizes students graduating from other majors who have completed their educational background in these critical areas of knowledge. Plant Health Management is interdisciplinary by nature, and this program provides the required educational opportunities across the relevant departments.  Pest management is a critical area of knowledge for future employment in the Cooperative Extension Service, the agricultural chemical industry, golf course management, ornamental and turf production, and pest management specialists in urban settings. 

The certificate is only awarded with completion of requirements for an undergraduate degree at UGA. Admission to the program is open to undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program at UGA and in good academic standing.  The program is administered by Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward in the Department of Plant Pathology.  It is recommended that students considering the Certificate in Plant Health Management contact their undergraduate advisor by the first semester of their third year to schedule the required courses.

Certificate Coordinator

Jean Williams-Woodward
Jean Williams-Woodward Extension Plant Pathologist - Ornamentals, Legume Forages, Hydroponics
Plant Pathology