Extension Plant Pathology Updates

April 2014

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • 2013 Extension Plant Pathology Updates are archived
  • Wheat Foliar Disease Update
  • Commercial Vegetable Disease Spray Guides and Efficacy Tables for 2014 are available online
  • Tomato Late Blight, Phytophthora infestans, found in Georgia Greenhouse
  • Freeze injury to ornamental plants

October 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Turfgrass Disease Update: Dollar Spot, Yellow Bentgrass, and
    Bipolaris leaf spot
  • Wheat planting season is closer than you think
  • Be looking for anthracnose on pepper and downy mildew on
  • Commercial Vegetable Spray Guides for 2013 are online
  • New fungicides for ornamental disease control
  • Rosellinia needle blight on eastern hemlock

September 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Turfgrass Disease Control: Emphasis on fall activities
  • Inquires about fairy ring, mushrooms and puffballs in
    turfgrass settings continue to be common
  • Methods to Maximize Efficacy of Turfgrass Fungicides
  • Update on Sudden Oak Death, Thousand Canker Disease of
    black walnut, and Boxwood Blight: Where are they now?
  • Disease management for row crops nears end for 2013:
    What’s next?

July 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Cucurbit Diseases in the Home Garden
  • Rains Continue to Drive Concerns for Disease Management
  • Assessing Risk to Target Spot in Georgia
  • Dodder Management in Blueberries
  • Turfgrass Disease Update – Gray Leaf Spot and Rust
  • Mushrooms are everywhere
  • Wood decay and falling trees are of great concern

June 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Summer tomato diseases in the vegetable garden
  • Ornamental fungicide efficacy table available online
  • 2013 Vegetable Spray Guides online
  • Gummy Stem Blight on watermelons
  • Turfgrass Disease Update
  • Small Grains Disease Summary – 2012-13 Growing Season
  • Recent Rainfall Could Have Impact on Disease Management in Row Crops
  • Slime molds in landscapes
  • Now is the time to protect plants from root pathogens

May 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • What’s the orange goo?
  • Pseudomonas syringae leaf spot on watermelons
  • Watch for Fusarium wilt of watermelons
  • Wet, cool weather has importance for early-season disease management
  • Wheat Diseases: Loose Smut, Sooty Mold, and Head Scab
  • Turfgrass Disease Update
  • Still getting questions about impatiens downy mildew
  • Rose Rosette Virus – an emerging problem

April 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Rust Fungi in Eastern Red Cedar Trees
  • Interesting samples: Spot Anthracnose on dogwood and
    Bulb mites on tulips
  • Watch out for Downy Mildews on Ornamental Plants
  • Spring Pepper Fungicide Spray Guide – 2013 Small Grains: Wheat Foliar Disease Update
  • Turfgrass Disease Update
  • Winter in March could have important impact for row crops
  • UGA Department of Plant Pathology research results in
    additional cultural management recommendations for
    Bacterial leaf scorch (Xylella fastidiosa)

March 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Clarification on where to send
    samples and who to contact
  • Bloom Time is Brown Rot Time in Home Orchards
  • Freeze injury to strawberries
  • Mummy Berry Management with 
  • Downy mildew on Shrub Roses

February 2013

  • Plant Disease Clinic Report
  • Changes in the Extension Plant Pathology web pages
  • Heuchera Rust has been seen
  • Wheat Foliar Disease Update
  • Diseases to watch for in Turf
  • Mummy Berry Apothecial Development and Potential for Disease Development following Freeze damage
  • Freeze Damage and Botrytis/Botryosphaeria Potential