Homeowner Plant Disease Clinic Reports

Spring 2015
Home Garden & Landscape

Feb/Mar 2009

Dec 2008/Jan 2009
No Disease of the Month

Oct/Nov 2008
White Spot on Turnips

September 2008
Slime Molds

August 2008
Cercospora Leaf Spot on Hydrangea

July 2008
Wet Rot on Squash

May/June 2008
Bacterial Spot on Pepper & Tomato

April 2008
Artillery Fungus

March 2008
Take-All Root Rot & Large Patch

February 2008
Rust Diseases

January 2008
Winter Injury to Evergreens

December 2007
No disease of the Month

November 2007
Downy Mildew on Rose

October 2007
No Disease of the Month

September 2007
Proper Homeowner Sample Submission

August 2007   
Mother Nature or the

July 2007
Lower Stem Root or Environmental Problems

June 2007
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

May 2007
Powdery Mildew

April 2007
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

March 2007
Leaf Galls

February 2007

January 2007
CAES References

December 2006
Homeowner Update & Submission Guidelines

November 2006
Wood Rots

October 2006
Take-All Root Rot, Algal
Leaf Spots